City Surveillance

City surveillance has taken on a new level of importance in recent times, with an increasing need to protect the public, employees, officials and facilities. Indeed, law enforcement agencies must be aware of and have access to footage of security and safety incidents and violations in large metropolitan areas in order to fight crime, prioritize events, improve city management, effectively allocate law enforcement personnel, and furnish evidence for forensic investigation purposes.


Agent Vi’s products are well suited to serving city centers, as they effortlessly pinpoint security breaches, alert to safety hazards, protect valuable assets, provide data and information to enhance operational efficiency and offer powerful forensic analysis capabilities.


Real-time Detection of Perimeter Intrusion &
Secure Zone Breaches
  • Detect breaches of a secure perimeter
  • Detect motion in restricted / sensitive zones
  • Detect unauthorized (tailgating) entry into secure zones
Detect Unattended Objects
  • Detect objects left unattended for a pre-defined period of time in sensitive areas such as high pedestrian traffic thoroughfares, traffic intersections
Identify Suspicious Activity
  • Detect motion counter to the general traffic flow
  • Detect loitering in areas of interest
  • Detect stopped vehicles in no stopping zones
  • Detect camera blocking or tampering
  • Automatically track the movement of suspicious people and vehicles using PTZ cameras
  • Detect grouping in sensitive areas to avoid potential attacks or threats



Post-Event Analysis
  • Enable rapid and automated back-tracking in stored video to pinpoint events / behaviors to their origin and thereby better inform law enforcement operations and tactical responses
  • Enable an automated search for events / behaviors / targets to obtain forensic evidence


Real-time Detection of Blocked Emergency Passages / Exits
  • Detect vehicles blocking emergency lanes or stopped in restricted zones
Traffic Obstacles
  • Detect vehicles stopped in time-sensitive or restricted zones or fire lanes
Movement in Restricted Areas
  • Detect motion in restricted / sensitive zones
  • Detect crowding of people in specified areas to prevent potential safety hazards
Traffic Congestion / Violations
  • Detect exceptions to the general traffic flow to ensure smooth movement
  • Detect private vehicles traveling in lanes reserved for public transportation
  • Measure traffic flow (major intersections, adjacent roads) to enable better planning to avoid congestion, improve traffic flow and maintain clear access points


Safeguarding Assets
  • Detect assets that have been removed or tampered with, like public art 


Traffic Congestion / Violations
  • Analyze the times and days in which most traffic violations occur, including parking in no-stopping zones and illegal u-turns, to more effectively allocate staff
  • Count vehicles in order to analyze traffic flow at different hours and days, and make plans for allotment of lanes and opening and closing of exits
We chose Agent Vi’s real-time analytics because it’s the most cost-effective solution on the market. Due to Agent Vi’s open architecture approach, we didn’t have to adapt or replace any components of our existing surveillance system. Rene den Dekker,Managing Director, Spyke Security