Critical Infrastructure & Govt.

Power, chemical and nuclear plants, dams, telecommunication stations, government and military buildings, and correctional facilities – all of these sites demand advanced security and safety measures so as to prevent attacks and accidents with severe ramifications. Moreover, these sites face practical challenges such as ensuring a secure and safe environment for personnel and high-level decision-makers, and protecting valuable assets.
Agent Vi’s products are well suited to serving critical infrastructure sites as well as government and military facilities, as they effortlessly pinpoint security breaches, alert to safety hazards, protect valuable assets, provide data and information to enhance operational efficiency and offer powerful forensic analysis capabilities.


Real-time Detection of Perimeter Intrusion & Secure Zone Breaches
  • Detect breaches of a secure perimeter
  • Detect motion in restricted / sensitive zones
  • Detect unauthorized (tailgating) entry into secure zones
Detect Unattended Objects
  • Detect objects left unattended for a pre-defined period of time in sensitive areas
Identify Suspicious Activity
  • Detect motion counter to the general traffic flow
  • Detect loitering in areas of interest
  • Detect stopped vehicles in no stopping zones
  • Detect camera blocking or tampering
  • Automatically track the movement of suspicious people and vehicles using PTZ cameras
  • Detect grouping in sensitive areas to avoid potential attacks or threats




Post-Event Analysis
  • Enable rapid and automated back-tracking in stored video to pinpoint events / behaviors to their origin and thereby better inform law enforcement operations and tactical responses
  • Enable an automated search for events / behaviors / targets to obtain forensic evidence



Real-time Detection of Blocked Emergency Passages / Exits 
  • Detect blockages to fire and other emergency exits
  • Detect vehicles blocking emergency lanes or stopped in restricted zones



Safeguarding Assets
  • Detect removal of assets



Measuring Traffic
  • Count the traffic flow (people / vehicles) in defined areas or entering / exiting secure zones / facilities to make appropriate staffing and resource allocation decisions


We needed the highest performance real-time analytics solution due to the sensitive nature of the site [Don Muang Airport, Bangkok]. After thorough research and investigations, we chose Vi-System, recognizing its robust performance in difficult conditions. Gp. Capt. Noppadol Thongpoom,Director of Security Division, Royal Thai Air Force Directorate of Intelligence