Highway Surveillance

Every single day, millions of commuters crowd the main highways, making their way to their desired destinations. Highway and expressway management seek to prevent accidents to guarantee the safety of drivers and passengers and ensure the smooth operation of main routes and arteries. Video surveillance of highways and other major thoroughfares is imperative recognizing that even innocent breaches of road rules can result in significant disturbances, from traffic jams to accidents, and even loss of life.
Agent Vi’s products are well suited to serving highway surveillance needs, as they alert to safety hazards, provide data and information to enhance operational efficiency, and offer effortless forensic analysis capabilities.


Post-Event Analysis
  • Enable rapid and automated back-tracking in stored video to pinpoint events / behaviors to their origin and thereby better inform law enforcement operations and tactical responses
  • Enable an automated search for events / behaviors / targets to obtain forensic evidence



Real-time Detection of Blocked Emergency Passages / Exits
  • Detect vehicles blocking emergency lanes or stopped in restricted zones
Movement in Restricted Areas
  • Detect people in vehicle-only zones such as roadways and tunnels 
Traffic Obstacles
  • Detect traffic obstacles on roads, and in adjacent areas like rest lanes, exit lanes and emergency lanes
  • Detect vehicles traveling counter to the general traffic flow
Traffic Congestion / Violations
  • Detect cars parked in truck-only rest lanes
  • Monitor the amount of time that a vehicle has remained static in the rest area to check whether the maximum time allowed has been exceeded



Measuring Traffic
  • Count vehicles in order to analyze traffic flow of different hours and days, to make plans for allotment of lanes and opening / closing of exits  
Toll Collection
  • Detect tailgating of vehicles through toll gates / booths


Agent Vi enhances our technology ecosystem and provides our end users with next-generation video analytics solutions that are fully integrated with Omnicast. Morgan Pasnon , Technology Partner Program Manager, Genetec