Agent Vi Unveils Next Generation of innoVi: AI-Powered Video Analytics

innoVi is uniquely designed to support large-scale, distributed installations, from monitoring stations to large enterprises, critical infrastructure to smart cities.

Agent Vi announced the next generation of innoVi at ISC West 2019 in Las Vegas. Available as a cloud-hosted service or as an on-premise solution, innoVi employs deep learning algorithms trained specifically on surveillance footage, allowing for unprecedented detection accuracy.

The new generation of innoVi boasts a complete set of video analytics capabilities addressing all aspects of the video environment including real-time event detection based on user-defined rules, self-learning real-time anomaly detection, advanced video search with instant verification, and an innovative map-based user workflow which allows all video analytics functionalities to be managed through an intuitive map interface.

Agent Vi Leverages New Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors for Enhanced AI at the Edge

Agent Vi CTO Zvika Ashani at Intel Xeon CLX launch 2019

Agent Vi has integrated the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors in the next generation of innoVi Edge devices, with the second-generation Xeon processors enabling the handling of a significantly larger number of cameras. The new processor was announced in March at a launch event in San Francisco where Agent Vi CTO Zvika Ashani was a guest panelist, discussing processing at the Edge and IoT.

The Agent Vi announcement noted that innoVi Edge utilizes the Intel® Distribution of the OpenVINO™ toolkit to deliver AI-powered video analytics by performing deep learning inference at the edge, reducing the data required for edge-to-cloud transmission. Ashani said, “Moving a portion of deep learning inference from the cloud to innoVi Edge reduces both required bandwidth and cloud operating costs. Now, with the availability of 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, we will be able to support more cameras with less hardware, translating to customer savings and improved ROI.”

South Africa’s CAP Makes Effective Use of innoVi Remote Guarding 

A night-time detection by innoVi on an IR camera alerts CAP’s Command Center with immediate video verification.

Community Active Protection (CAP) of South Africa was founded in response to Johannesburg’s high crime levels, and among other things, offers an off-site monitoring service. They sought a high-performing intrusion detection solution to increase the level of protection and response offered to their customers. CAP deployed Agent Vi’s innoVi Remote Guarding software as a service (SaaS) to receive accurate and automatic detections of security breaches at the remote sites it monitors.
CAP reports that innoVi’s highly accurate detections and alerts have successfully averted crime, with high levels of customer satisfaction, while at the same time keeping operational costs low. CAP’s unique story has been covered in the industry press by Hi-Tech Security Solutions and Security Management.

Spyke Security Shares innoVi Successes

Netherlands-based Spyke Security have been sharing success stories on social media about how innoVi Remote Guarding‘s centrally managed video analytics has boosted their ability to provide effective 24/7 remote guarding services.

In one case, unauthorized persons were detected entering a secured perimeter. The site may have been out of sight from passers-by, but the intruders were in full view of the innoVi-enabled security cameras. From the moment the alert was received, operators at Spyke’s central monitoring station were on the case, watching the live feed until guards arrived.

“This is a good example of our vision for security,” ran the Spyke post. “Video intelligence enables us to take action at the earliest possible stage.”

Channel Partner Award Winners for 2018 Honored 

Agent Vi company representatives had the opportunity to present the CPP awards in person to valued partners from (L to R) Intel, TICSA, and Exanet.

Over the past several months, industry events have afforded Agent Vi the opportunity to meet with several of the winners of the 2018 Channel Partner Awards, and bestow their award to them in person. The awards recognized six outstanding partners for their partnership and efforts in 2018:

  • Exanet – Agent Vi Outstanding Partner of the Year for 2018
  • G4S Secure Integration – Agent Vi Channel Partner Award for North America
  • Thousand International Companies (TICSA) – Agent Vi Channel Partner Award for Central America & Latin America
  • Axone Systems – Agent Vi Channel Partner Award for Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Global Guardian – Agent Vi Central Monitoring Partner Award for North America
  • Community Active Protection (CAP) – Agent Vi Central Monitoring Partner Award for EMEA

Agent Vi Takes Center Stage at Milestone MIPS Around the Globe

“Don’t fear the cloud,” was the message delivered by both VP Business Development AJ Frazer and VP Sales EMEA & ROW Ariel Frischoff, speaking on the main stage at the annual Milestone Integration Platform Symposiums (MIPS) in Nashville, Copenhagen and Bangkok. Cloud computing is becoming a more recognized deployment option and the Agent Vi presentation about “How AI Will Drive Our Industry to the Cloud,” made a compelling argument for its advantages. Recordings of the Americas and EMEA presentations can be viewed on YouTube.

Educational Sessions at ISC West Highlight Customers, AI

The ISC panel on the Vicente López Smart & Safe City project was a unique opportunity to hear the End User perspective.

Agent Vi presented two highly successful educational panels at ISC West 2019. The first, a panel discussion about the Smart & Safe City project at the Municipality of Vicente López, Argentina, was a unique opportunity for attendees to hear a case study from the End User, in addition to the integrator and vendors.

Martin Gasulla, Undersecretary of Security at the Department of Security, spoke eloquently about his vision for turning Vicente López into a Safe & Smart City with a goal of proactive crime prevention – preventing crime from taking place, rather than simply responding to a complaint after a crime is committed. He also discussed the challenge of effectively monitoring live video and reviewing recorded video, and the city’s implementation of Agent Vi video analytics to meet the challenge successfully.

The Municipality of Vicente López, Argentina, is also the subject of the most recent Agent Vi customer story, and is available for download in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Also at ISC West, some 100 people attended the educational session, “Deep Learning Demystified: Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence Applied to Video,” a much-needed real-world explanation about these technologies, and their impact on the next generation of video analytics. The session was presented by AJ Frazer, VP Business Development at Agent Vi.

Agent Vi in the News

Agent Vi CTO Zvika Ashani was interviewed by Intel publication Insightech about how Agent Vi leverages the Intel® Distribution of the OpenVINO™ Toolkit to quickly enable both new and legacy smart city surveillance cameras with AI-based video analytics. “[With OpenVINO] innoVi was primed for massive scalability in smart city surveillance applications like public safety, critical infrastructure monitoring, and traffic management.”

In an interview with ITProPortal, Jonathan Luse, General Manager of the IoT Group at Intel, said that Agent Vi’s work on AI solutions across a wide range of applications – including public safety and city surveillance, traffic management, waste collection and more – was one of Intel’s most interesting current IoT projects.

SDM featured Agent Vi in its survey of 15 cloud video service providers, making the point that cloud video can generate additional RMR for security integrators and service providers. Agent Vi was also featured in SDM‘s exclusive report on how video analytics is transforming the business model and operations of monitoring businesses to better serve customers.

An editorial by CTO Zvika Ashani was published in Security Sales & Integration, discussing the many advantages of hosted software services and how they can make AI-powered video analytics more available and affordable. Ashani was also interviewed in a second SS&I story about the evolution and proliferation of video analytics over the past 15 years, where it stands today and where the technology is headed. In an interview with SDM about AI applications in video surveillance, Ashani noted that integrators could expect better accuracy, a higher detection rate and lower FAR. Another plus: Agent Vi’s Deep Learning algorithms can be almost fully trained prior to installation.

Brazilian online journal covered how the Municipality of Vicente López, Argentina is using Agent Vi video analytics for proactive safety and security (Portuguese).

Agent Vi VP Business Development AJ Frazer was interviewed by inAVate magazine about the use of video analytics for event security at public gatherings, from real-time detections and alerts for monitoring events as they unfold, to video search for speedy post-event forensic investigation.

savVi Updates

savVi is Agent Vi’s on-premise video analytics software solution that offers a wide variety of analytics functionalities through a single, easy to use platform that integrates with existing or new surveillance systems. Featuring real-time event detectionvideo search and business intelligence applications, savVi provides a complete solution to the diverse video analytics requirements of multiple vertical markets.

The list of savVi integration partnerships (VMS / alarm management software / PSIM) has expanded and now includes: Dahua, FLIR, Genetec, Geutebruck, Hikvision, ISS, Milestone, OnSSI, Pelco, Prysm, Siemens, SureView Systems, UltraIP, Verint, Vicon.

  • Click here to see a list of supported versions

innoVi Updates

innoVi is Agent Vi’s unique, centrally managed video analytics solution powered by cutting-edge Deep Learning technology, that enables unparalleled detection accuracy. innoVi’s Deep Learning algorithms actively and continuously learn how to categorize objects with precision and transform any ONVIF / RTSP fixed IP / analog camera into an intelligent video device, uncovering otherwise hidden incidents, insights and information. New features are added to innoVi on an ongoing basis to make this already user-friendly product even more easy to use.

The latest version of innoVi was released  in April with new capabilities that include real-time event detection based on user-defined rules, self-learning real-time anomaly detection, customized object detections for user-specified requirements, advanced video search, VMS-agnostic recording, and geospatial awareness with map-based graphical user interface.

innoVi’s object classification ability continues to become ever-more precise and has expanded to distinguish between multiple types of vehicle classes, enabling applying a broad variety of analytics in dynamic and complex environments such as smart cities.

innoVi Edge 220 Release

A new version of innoVi Edge has been released: the innoVi Edge model 220, which is based on the Intel Core-i3 and utilizes significantly less bandwidth. The lower bandwidth is particularly valuable for sites that have limited bandwidth / use mobile connectivity. Another appealing feature is the option of viewing event images / event clips / live view in higher resolution.

The introduction of innoVi Edge 220 marks the End-of-Sale of the innoVi Edge 200 model. Agent Vi will continue to provide support for the Edge 200; The End-of-Life transition period commenced on 1 July, 2019. Read more about Agent Vi’s Product Life Cycle here.

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