Featured Customer Story: Green Bay Airport, USA

GRB is a busy, international, two-runway airport in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, which employs savVi‘s real-time event detection and alert capabilities to safeguard the smooth and uninterrupted flow of passengers by detecting individuals moving against the traffic flow or entering through the concourse exit.  The GRB security team utilizes savVi’s event detection to ensure that any movement counter to the permitted direction is investigated in real-time. savVi’s real-time detections have enabled the security staff at GRB to act swiftly and effectively, preventing serious situations that could cause a complete airport shutdown. Furthermore, GRB enjoys a substantial reduction in overhead costs by deploying savVi’s automated monitoring and alerts.

Tom Miller, Director of Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport, stated that:

 “Agent Vi helped us enhance our surveillance system with real-time event detection, enabling us to respond more quickly to incidents… We configured the analytics with some redundancy to minimize the possibility of a security breach in the sterile concourse.”

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savVi Project Updates

savVi, Agent Vi’s on-premise video analytics solution, continues to serve customers across a range of vertical markets, providing effective real-time event detection, video search and business intelligence capabilities.

  • The City of Zagreb, Croatia, deployed savVi’s real-time event detection capabilities on close to 100 cameras across the city to detect illegally parked cars. The result has been an increase in parking tickets issued, and a tripling of the traffic violation revenue for the City of Zagreb. Read the full Customer Story.
  • The Port of Vancouver in Canada deployed savVi for its South Shore Corridor Vehicle Access Control System (VACS), Delta Port VACS and Canada Place projects, employing savVi’s real-time event detection capabilities to detect pedestrians on overpasses and highways, among other things, and its business intelligence capabilities to gather statistical data of people entering and exiting the Canada Place promenade.
  • Mission Institution Correctional Service, Canada, a medium security facility for male offenders in British Colombia – has installed savVi on all thermal cameras surrounding the site, thereby enhancing the site’s perimeter security by detecting people approaching the fence in real-time, and even detecting people beyond the fence within distance to throw objects into the facility.
  • Spyke Security, Central Monitoring Station, the Netherlands, has expanded its monitoring services to additional industrial zones in the City of Utrecht, with savVi deployed on some 85 cameras connected to Spyke’s 24/7 alarm center. savVi’s real-time detection capabilities have also been extended to five industrial zones in the City of Hoorn, with some 45 analytics channels focusing on unusual after-hours activity.
  • Sundsvall Airport in northern Sweden and Växjö Airport in southern Sweden have deployed savVi to protect the airports’ perimeters from intruders and monitor movement in sterile zones.
  • A major Nordic transport infrastructure company has completed a comprehensive upgrade to savVi to increase overall safety. Some 65 cameras employ savVi to alert to people walking on the rail tracks and entering the tunnels. Dozens more analytics channels are being progressively added.
  • KEPCO (Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc), Japan – a leading local electric company – installed savVi’s real-time event detection capabilities at multiple hydro-electric dam sites across Kansai to safeguard the unmanned, remotely monitored sites. This was prompted by multiple drowning incidents resulting from people trespassing at the dam sites during water discharges. Read the full Customer Story.

Over 3,250 Registrants for savVi Online Certification!

More than 3,250 people have registered for the different savVi Online Certification courses since it was launched less than 3 years ago! Different courses are offered for Installers, Sales, End-Users (Operators) and Consultants, which provide a comprehensive grounding in everything you need to know about savVi.

innoVi for Central Monitoring

Agent Vi has been receiving a steady stream of positive feedback related to innoVi for Central Monitoring. Customers report unprecedented accuracy in automatic real-time detections of security breaches at remote sites. Watch this clip to see how innoVi’s early perimeter intrusion detections and immediate video verifications give security teams the opportunity to stop crime at customers’ facilities before it happens and damage occurs.

innoVi for Central Monitoring now supports any fixed IP camera (ONVIF / RTSP) by connecting through innoVi Edge™, a compact appliance with pre-loaded Agent Vi software, that connects ONVIF / RTSP fixed IP cameras from the remote site network to the innoVi cloud service.

“innoVi is quick and easy to setup, with super accurate analytics detection. Very cost-effective analytics solution.” – Joe Cummings, Installations Manager, Huffmaster Companies, USA

“After having used innoVi for nearly 2 months, I am still astounded by how easy it was to configure, and how accurate the detections are. I had the analytics setup and fully operational within 2 to 3 minutes, per camera! There are absolutely zero false alarms regardless of day or night, fast or slow moving, or even multiple target scenarios.” – Keith Young, Senior Sales Engineer, Last Mile, Inc., WA, USA

“Spyke Security has chosen innoVi because it gives our video alarm center operators the right warning at the right moment. innoVi is a good solution for Spyke Security because it has a very low false alarm rate (FAR) in all weather and lighting conditions, even during rain and storms.” – Pieter Sleurink, Director, Spyke Security, The Netherlands

“Agent Vi’s product innoVi is the video analytics solution the industry was promised five years ago. Agent Vi is ahead of the game with powerful cloud-based analytics processing… [innoVi’s] better event detection ultimately means less false alerts, which means the Central Monitoring Station can focus on dealing with real threats and making a real difference to the security of sites.” – Joel Babb, IT Manager, Farsight Security Services, United Kingdom

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Agent Vi Announced as Finalist in the Benchmark Magazine Awards

Agent Vi is proud to announce that UK-based Benchmark Magazine has listed innoVi, its cloud-based, video analytics solution powered by Deep Learning technology, as a finalist in the Intelligent Systems category of the Innovation Awards for 2017. The winners will be announced in August.

Agent Vi Awarded Best Milestone Solution Partner for Video Analytics for North Asia for 2016

Agent Vi was delighted and honored to be awarded the Best Milestone Solution Partner for Video Analytics for North Asia for 2016 accolade from Milestone. The award was presented at the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) APAC in Macau.

How Deep Learning Algorithms Broaden the Scope of Video Analytics

Recently posted on SourceSecurity.com, Agent Vi’s CTO Zvika Ashani discussed how to solve one of the most critical problems impacting accuracy in video analytics: object classification, by using cutting-edge Deep Learning technology. Deep Learning continuously gathers and utilizes data, allowing algorithms to “learn” what they see, and to accurately distinguish between people, animals, and various types of vehicles with significantly improved precision. Click here to read the full article.

Support News

The Agent Vi Support team is happy to announce a new streamlined reporting service for all support requests. Simply complete the appropriate request form for either savVi or innoVi, and you will be assigned a ticket number so that your request can be efficiently tracked and followed up.

Agent Vi at ESX – 13-16 June, Nashville, TN, USA

Interested in increasing your RMR via Video Intrusion Detection? Visit Agent Vi at ESX, in booth #818 and learn how you can Connect and Detect with innoVi, Agent Vi’s cloud-based video analytics solution powered by Deep Learning. Register for Agent Vi’s training session on Thursday 15 June, 8:00-9:15am, and learn the three key elements to successful analytics:

  • Explaining the value of video intrusion detection and how to charge
  • False alarm reduction
  • Ease of installation for rapid low maintenance deployments

Contact Agent Vi to set up a meeting at ESX.

Agent Vi at IFSEC – 20-22 June, London, UK

Watch live demonstrations of innoVi, Agent Vi’s cloud-based video analytics solution powered by Deep Learning, at IFSEC on 20, 21, 22 June. The live demos will be given at 11am and 3pm daily at the Agent Vi booth, #C1075 in the ARC Village, with a prize draw after every live demo, where you could win a brand-new AXIS M3104-LVE camera – the perfect way to show live innoVi demos to your customers!

No need to register, just come at 11am or 3pm daily to watch and enter the prize draw.

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Agent Vi at Interpol World – 5-7 July, Singapore

Agent Vi is exhibiting at Interpol World 2017, 5-7 July 2017, Singapore, within the Israel booth.

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