Agent Vi’s Channel Partner Program (CPP) defines the framework through which resellers become certified to resell, install and support Agent Vi’s range of comprehensive video analytics solutions. By partnering with Agent Vi, resellers are able to offer their customers a more extensive product offering, thereby maximizing access to potential deals. Furthermore, channel partners can capitalize on their existing customer base by introducing enhancements to existing installations and associated services.

>> Channel Partner Program Brochure for innoVi Resellers  pdf2

>> Channel Partner Program Brochure for savVi Resellers  pdf2

Certified Systems Integrators

Agent Vi’s Certified Systems Integrators are highly-skilled and trained, with expertise in video surveillance / physical security.

Certified Systems Integrators offer trained and experienced video surveillance and Video Analytics technicians, project managers and sales executives who employ Agent Vi solutions. They usually offer a range of value-added services such as site surveys, risk assessments, complete systems design, product procurement, installation, and telephone as well as on-site support. They can design, install, and support an independent Agent Vi solution, or a solution integrated with products from Agent Vi’s Technology Partners.

See the relevant Channel Partner Program brochure above for more information about specific requirements and benefits for Systems Integrators.


Agent Vi has direct partnerships throughout the world with a range of global and local Distributors, and provides them with marketing, sales, support and training services.

Agent Vi’s Distributors play a key role in developing market demand by promoting Agent Vi through exhibitions, trade shows and publications, as well as actively selling and delivering the software through their network of Systems Integrators in different geographical markets and segments. With their expertise in security and IT, and their broad offering comprised of both hardware and software, the Distributors serve as an important link in the chain to advancing Agent Vi’s video analytics solutions. Importantly, Agent Vi has secured partnerships with selected Distributors in each geographical region, ensuring full territorial coverage on one hand, and efficient channel management on the other hand.