AI-Powered Video Analytics to Meet Real-World Challenges

One Platform ⋅ Comprehensive Capabilities ⋅ Unlimited Cameras ⋅ Total Control

innoVi’s Architecture

A New Way of Deploying and Managing Video Analytics

innoVi provides a broad set of highly sophisticated AI-powered video analytics capabilities for real-time detection of events of interest, object tracking, and quick extraction of events and data from recorded video.

The robust innoVi platform was built, from the ground up, to analyze and handle massive amounts of video data. innoVi is highly scalable, efficiently supporting small to large-scale deployments to suit installations of all sizes and utilizing its open architecture approach to maximize the potential of any surveillance system.

Available as cloud-based software as a service or as an on-premise solution, the innoVi range has a solution to meet the needs of any surveillance installation.

The innoVi Product Range


Meets the intrusion detection and monitoring needs of organizations and security service providers. By reinforcing guard services with AI-powered video analytics for real-time detections and alerts with immediate video verification, innoVi Remote Guarding enables more sites to be monitored with increased levels of security – but without increasing security staff.


Replaces the cumbersome, labor-intensive process of manual video search with automatic, rapid search and analysis of stored video. innoVi Investigation processes video data on-the-fly from individual or multiple cameras to provide immediate results, uncovering information buried in stored video and reducing hours of review time to a matter of seconds.


Designed to meet the challenges posed by environments of any size, innoVi Enterprise empowers security teams with a comprehensive suite of Agent Vi’s AI-powered video analytics capabilities including real-time detections and alerts with video verification, post-event video search, anomaly detection, 24/7 health monitoring and more, to increase security and safety, streamline operations and reduce costs.


Tailored to the specific requirements of large-scale installations by providing the full suite of innoVi’s powerful video analytics capabilities, innoVi Corporate is reinforced with customized capabilities and features, enabling organizations to harden their surveillance infrastructure for best-in-class security.

innoVi Benefits

  • Future-proof, AI-powered video analytics software platform

  • State-of-the-art analysis and investigative tools from the industry leader

  • Highly scalable service supports unlimited number of cameras

  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime, using standard web browser

  • Available as cloud-based software as a service or on-premise solution

  • innoVi Edge (appliance or software) instantly makes any fixed IP camera “smart”

  • High service availability, full redundancy, seamless, automatic backups and upgrades

  • 24/7 network / camera health monitoring

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