Because Smart Cities Need Smart Video

innoVi for Smart Cities is a video analytics solution powered by cutting-edge Deep Learning technology, which transforms the hundreds or even thousands of surveillance cameras deployed across the city into smart video devices that contribute to the city’s ability to improve security, safety and incident response city-wide. innoVi empowers authorities to uncover otherwise hidden incidents, insights and information, and allows true leveraging of the municipal surveillance infrastructure, even in the most dynamic and challenging urban environment.


Combining Agent Vi’s vast field-proven experience with large-scale deployments and highly advanced, cutting-edge Deep Learning technology, innoVi helps to:

  • Prevent crime and shorten emergency response times by immediate detection of security threats

  • Improve incident management by rapidly creating situational awareness

  • Monitor and analyze traffic flow

  • Detect safety hazards and obstacles to passage

  • Optimize municipal and law enforcement resources

  • Enhance the quality and performance of the city’s varied services

Designed for Smart Cities

innoVi is highly scalable, efficiently supporting small to large-scale deployments which can suit cities and municipalities of all sizes and utilizing its open architecture approach to maximize the design of a city’s surveillance system. innoVi’s capabilities are highly flexible, meaning that they can be activated or deactivated to suit the specific needs of a city, with multiple capabilities being run simultaneously on each camera. innoVi is robust and far-reaching, built to analyze and handle massive amounts of video data, thereby effectively serving a Smart City’s needs.

Deep Learning Accuracy

innoVi’s leading-edge Deep Learning technology enables unparalleled accuracy, by providing a unique methodology for object classification, which actively and continuously learns how to classify objects in a highly accurate manner, and can distinguish between people, vehicles, static objects, and even between cars, motorcycles, bicycles, buses and trucks.

innoVi for Smart Cities – The Offering

Detection of Security & Safety Incidents in Real-Time

innoVi’s automatic detections are of the utmost importance in a city network, where most of the video goes unwatched due to its sheer volume. Moreover, innoVi never sleeps or gets tired, eliminating the need for continuous human monitoring of surveillance cameras and automatically detecting and alerting to security and safety incidents in real-time. By drawing a security operator’s immediate attention to an incident, innoVi provides enhanced situational awareness to effectively manage incidents and enable responses, as incidents unfold.

Expedited Investigations with Automated Video Search

innoVi swiftly searches through vast archives of video, directing personnel to the most relevant footage, and dramatically reducing the time required to locate a specific video segment. The size of city surveillance networks inevitably means that the amount of video to review and investigate is overwhelming, and during active incidents, the ability to isolate the critical camera is almost impossible. innoVi provides expedited investigation capabilities that allow investigators to find specific video segments within the stored video, improving situational awareness, replacing labor-intensive, manual searches through masses of video, and freeing up officers for hands-on law enforcement tasks.

Big Data Applications

innoVi analyzes massive amounts of data captured by the city’s surveillance cameras, transforming the information gathered into metadata that supports analyzing trends and incidents across the city. innoVi pulls together and analyzes data from multiple video sources to offer trends and a “big picture” understanding. Agent Vi’s metadata architecture is open to third party applications that can combine intelligence gathered from cameras with other security and/or non-security data, to create even deeper analysis or automated response plans.