savVi boasts automatic and effortless retrieval and analysis of recorded video, replacing cumbersome, labor-intensive, manual searches. Users define parameters regarding the event/object of interest and receive matching search results within seconds, enabling rapid access to specific video segments buried in the stored video.


  • Offers extensive range of search parameter filters to pinpoint video segments of interest
  • Presents versatile visualization displays that minimize video viewing time
  • Delivers rapid results: Searches 24 hours of video in a few seconds
  • Enables simultaneous search on any number of cameras
  • Increases efficiency in investigations relying on recorded video
  • Allows search to be applied in near real-time for enhanced situational awareness and incident response
Video Search Capabilities 
Search Parameters and Capabilities
  • Target Type – People, Vehicles, Static Objects
  • Event Type – Moving, Stationary, Crossing a line, Occupancy, Crowding
  • Search by Color
  • Search by Size
  • Search within defined time frames
  • Search on selected cameras or group of cameras
  • Search for Similar Targets
Search Results – Viewing Options
  • Thumbnails – Search results presented in video playback thumbnails
  • Video Summary – Search results presented as one condensed clip of all related events
  • Target Path – Search results shown as graphical presentation of all motion paths in a scene for identification of trends/anomalies
  • Site Map – Search results of “Target Path” on a site map, showing multiple camera displays in a single view

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Video Search Display Options

Search results in thumbnails for playback

Search results shown as motion paths

Search results shown in a video summary