Customized Detections and Big Data Applications

Tailored to the unique requirements of large and complex installations by providing the full suite of innoVi’s powerful video analytics capabilities, innoVi Corporate is reinforced with customized capabilities and features, enabling organizations to harden their surveillance infrastructure for best-in-class security.

Clients can specify customized object detections for specific scenarios. Integrations with commercial VMS and/or with third-party applications (LPR, face recognition, etc.) and more, are executed to meet the customer’s needs.

innoVi analyzes massive amounts of data captured from multiple video sources, transforming the information gathered into metadata for trend analysis and “big picture” understanding.

Agent Vi’s metadata architecture is open to third party applications that can combine intelligence gathered from cameras with other security and/or non-security data, to create even deeper analysis or automated response plans.


  • Prevent crime and shorten response times by immediate detection of specified security threats

  • Improve incident management by rapidly creating situational awareness through real-time video search

  • Decrease post-event investigation times by receiving rapid video search results

  • Receive accurate, wide-ranging statistical data related to targeted people and vehicles

  • Review key metrics (targeted people and vehicles) to manage and regulate traffic flow

  • Export raw data for customized analysis and/or integration with 3rd-party systems (proprietary and other)

Capabilities & Features
  • AI – Deep Learning Algorithms
  • Real-Time Detections & Alerts – Rule-Based (Comprehensive Package)
  • Real-Time Detections & Alerts – Anomaly Detection
  • Video Search
  • Operational Insights / Statistics
  • Custom Object Detection
  • 3rd party integrations (VMS, PSIM, Alarm Automation SW)
  • Advanced 3rd party integrations (LPR, face recognition, etc.)
  • Map-based geospatial display (GIS integration)
  • 24/7 camera / network health monitoring
  • Central management, ideal for distributed / remote sites
  • Minimal setup and configuration, easy camera connection
  • Constantly updated, no system downtime
  • Scale from small to large seamlessly without redesign
  • Designed with cybersecurity defense in mind
  • Secure browser GUI, unified login, centralized credential management

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