Expedited Investigations with Automated Video Search

innoVi Investigation swiftly searches through vast archives of video, replacing cumbersome, labor-intensive manual searches, and directing personnel to the most relevant footage.

innoVi Investigation processes and generates video metadata on-the-fly, enabling immediate search results with no waiting time, and enabling simultaneous search on multiple cameras.

Users define parameters regarding the event/object of interest and receive matching search results within seconds. The unique map-based geospatial display (GIS integration) allows users to select and search footage from individual cameras, or multiple cameras in a demarcated zone, with a single click.

Agent Vi’s highly advanced AI-powered video analytics technology dramatically reduces the time previously needed to locate a specific video segment in the stored video. Expedited search capabilities deliver rapid results to improve situational awareness and free up team members for other tasks.

innoVi’s unique map-based geospatial display enables 1-click video search


  • Search 24 hours of video in a few seconds
  • Extensive range of search parameter filters
  • Immediate results with no waiting for processing
  • Simultaneous search on any number of cameras
Capabilities & Features
  • AI – Deep Learning Algorithms
  • Real-time search for enhanced situational awareness and incident response; no batch processing required
  • Map-based geospatial display (GIS integration)
  • 24/7 camera / network health monitoring
  • Minimal setup and configuration, easy camera connection
  • Constantly updated, no system downtime
  • Versatile visualization displays

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